With our in house workroom you’re made to measure curtains are in safe hands. All of our curtain makers have many years of experience in the business.

All curtains are stitched to a very high standard but at wholesale prices. All styles of curtains are made, hard pelmets, swags and tails, cushions, bedspreads and much more.

Pencil pleat heading

Pinch pleat heading

Pencil pleat is the standard heading for curtains and valances. Normally a 7.5 cm (3″) tape is used with three hook positions to suit all types of tracks or poles. Pinch pleat is a decorative heading for curtains and valances, suitable for all types of curtain tracks and poles. Pinch pleats are more gathered than other headings and have permanent sewn-in pleats for a more luxurious, tailored look.

Eyelet heading

Tab Tops

Eyelets are a more contemporary heading, for use only on curtain poles, folding curtains into large even pleats. The eyelets normally have an internal diameter of 40mm and are suitable for curtain poles with a maximum diameter of 35mm. The eyelets are available in different colours to compliment your curtains and pole. Tab Tops have a less formal look, simple curtains with tabs that hang from a pole. They are best on smaller windows as the tabs need to slide along the pole.

Wave Heading

Cartridge Pleat

‘Wave’ offers a contemporary curtain presentation. Depending on fullness this can be as economical as standard pencil pleat. A special track is required for this in order for the curtains to hang in a smooth, simple and continuous ’wave’ effect. Cartridge pleat is similar to the pinch pleat, with beautiful neat folds, but with a more contemporary modern look. They are best hanging on a pole.