christo-glow-63mmThe Curtain Mill supply and fit beautifully crafted plantation Shutters.
Made from the finest Basswood, Oak, Cedar wood, Vinyl or custom painted in any colour.

There are many styles, options and finishes available.You can be assured our specialized shutter team will give you impartial advice and recommend the best product to suit your needs, budget and window.

Plantation Shutters are a low maintenance, high-class alternative to curtains and blinds.
When the louvres are closed they provide darkness and privacy, when opened light can filter into the room adding a feeling of spaciousness, or the panels can be folded back
opening up the whole window. During the summer they can keep the room cool and during the winter they are one of the most effective ways to insulate your windows.

The Curtain Mill understands that not every window can be dressed with a shutter, so we also offer a wood venetian blind collection to co-ordinate your window styling.

The three main styles of shutters available

Full height styleRed-Chair-Sin-Gloss
Full height style shutters cover the entire height of the
window producing a simple and elegant effect.

Tier on tier
Tier on tier offers the versatility of separate shutters on top of each other. Each opens individually for the ultimate light and privacy control.

Café style
Café style cover the bottom part of the window, leaving the top uncovered. This continental look is perfect for overlooked windows whilst allowing natural light to flood the room. For large windows shutters can be folded or slide away.

All shutters supplied can be professional installed by our fully trained fitters.